I am sure you already know how to introduce my love for objects. : D I could not hold back and half the house groaned ... And what was that for a squirt? Krass, how much that was ... the whole floor has swum and my juice pours over my feet. I always wonder where all this comes from - do you have an answer? Then write me but times;) - I now recover from the violent orgasm first. I still twitch a bit;) Kiss, Lina

Since I occasionally earn myself a pocket money with babysitting, I was called for tonight because the parents wanted to go out. Everything was fine and when the child finally slept, I wanted to treat myself just a little intimate relaxation. But suddenly the father stood in the doorway and caught me while touching myself. He was quite angry about the fact that he was paying me for getting it to myself and wanted to tell all his wife right away. She would of course immediately quit me and never call again so I tried to persuade him to keep it as a secret. But it was not easy to convince him and suddenly he proposed to have a little fun with me. I agreed but with the condition that we only fuck with condom as I do not take the pill. He tooks on the rubber and pushed his hard lance deep into my pussy. That was exactly what I really wanted and so I got fucked by him really dirty. When he fucked me doggy and I came he jerked off hard but not into the condom. As he held the condom in front of my face and his twitching cock was still in my pussy, I realized that he just jerked his cum in my cunt. What if I get pregnant now?

The attempt to put the black dildo in the Doggyposition purely failed, failed for the time being. This is because these are my first attempts with a toy and the vibrator has a stately format. After my photographer and myself did not get him into the hole, I sat down, the introduction went much better. With the vibrator in my vagina, I went back to the doggy position and enjoyed the gentle vibrating of the toys ... Please do not forget to forget! Thank you :)