Really embarrassing!!! The mega mess and the room service! (Jenny_Stella)

WOW, what a sperm flow and then before my really embarrassing letting go of the orgasm. Because there was so much coming out - but it was so cool - it all fell on the ground and then he sprayed me with so much - incredible. I was standing in the kitchen unaware and had just rinsed off when I heard the room card and the door. It went so fast and then the tail was already deep in the pussy. It started immediately, and then I had to blow, sit down on the table and let all my holes use room service. But mine, maybe revenge,;) that I have then vollgesaut the whole floor with pussy juice (and pee;) because he could later mop up everything nice.

Starring: Jenny_Stella
Categories: Pussy, Squirting, Teens
Length: 13:01
Type: FLV


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