SLUDGE PUSHING after the SPORT - 2x injected and fucked further (Sarah_Secret)

Stretching is very important after exercise. I always do. My fitness trainer stood behind me the whole time and watched me. He must have liked what he saw very much, because his pants suddenly bulged out really nicely - I immediately noticed that! I love it when men get a hard cock at the sight of me! And because I just can't resist a hard cock, I immediately stopped with my stretching exercise and continued with him. After I blew him really hard, he immediately tested my heated, wet pussy - and has already come fast! When I rode him hard, his hot juice was already running out of my pussy to his cock down. But we just couldn't stop! He pushed me hard again until he came inside me for the second time. But that was not all - he just fucked me in his own juice until I came violently.... That was once again a beautiful, creamy experience...!
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Kiss, Sarah :*

Starring: Sarah_Secret
Categories: Creampie, POV, Pussy
Length: 8:31
Type: FLV


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