Public extreme! Double sperm bomb in the middle of the restaurant (Alexandra-Wett)

Actually it should be a normal Saturday evening. After work, I went to a nice restaurant with my work colleague. I was extremely horny by the heat. Then I took all my courage together, crawled under the table and took in the middle of the restaurant his cock out of his pants. My colleague was a bit confused but I did not care because I wanted to suck a nice hard cock. First he was not really hard because my colleague constantly looked, whether the guests in the restaurant would notice something. But I just continued until the tail was so hard that my colleague could not help but relax in my mouth. He shoots me so much cum in my Fickgesicht that even I got a shock in the middle of the restaurant. My whole Fickfresse was completely eingesaut. But that made me even hornier! After my Ceasar salad finally came the right dressing and I made the taste of his fresh sperm to the animal. I jerk and continue to bubble until he squirts a second time. With the perverted sperm mask I sat back in my seat.

Starring: Alexandra-Wett
Categories: Blowjobs, Facials, Public
Length: 3:51
Type: FLV


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