My passion (SinaVelvet)

You've probably already seen some videos of me and know my already. But what do you think is my biggest passion? Do not be fooled by the cover picture, because here you only see a and me. Also this user has written to me recently and a few days later I knelt between his and spoiled his big cock. From the really flaccid state to the extremely hard part I could enjoy this cock. Yes, my made him very horny and he wrote me that time here in the messenger that he finds that very erotic as I do. This compliment is of course very good and to hear and so it went step by step. What do you think? Is the bubbles my passion or did he fuck me in this video also really cool. I'm curious if you'll guess that, but I think if you already know me something this question is easy to answer. In any case, we both came at our expense and I'm sure that this guy may soon feel again.

Starring: SinaVelvet
Categories: Big Dick, Blowjobs, Close Ups
Length: 13:57
Type: FLV


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