You become my victim (Dominique-Plastique)

We meet in the woods and you become my victim ...! I'll do whatever I want with you and you have to endure everything ... what am I going to do to you, what will I make you feel? What would you do to free yourself from my clutches? Are you scared? I push you around, I push you against the trees ... I spit on my shoes and on the forest floor and let you lick everything ... I'll tell you what I'll do with your genital area ... I smoke and blow your face in the face ... I take off my boots and let you sniff my disgusting white socks ... I'll tell you what I and my girlfriends will do to you ... I'll leash you and drag you to mine Car, where I lock you in my trunk ... And then? Wait ;-) Length: 17:37 Full HD

Starring: Dominique-Plastique
Categories: Foot Fetish, Latex/Leather, Outdoor Sex
Length: 17:37
Type: FLV


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