That was really ABARTY !!!! (aische-pervers)

Oh, what did I think of it? In my totally filthy down jacket I blow the guy his Fickprügel, let my mouth abzuficken properly, as befits a willing hooker and beg with extremely perverted dirty talk to his sperm load. Latest at my spoiled saliva games he spits me his fat load of cum in my hooker's face, hits my greedy throat, my eyes, hair and the down jacket. Of course, I do not want sperm stains on my jacket ... so he should clean up that .... and then the situation escalates. He takes his cock in his hand and pisses my jacket clean. His stinking piss, from his sweaty cock make me completely wet. The jacket is over, drenched my hair, everything stinks of his piss and somehow that makes me so that I also lospisse on it .... oh you what a really abartiger Sch ice!

Starring: aische-pervers
Categories: Blowjobs, Fetish, Golden Showers
Length: 7:21
Type: FLV


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