Will the parcel boats reach their destination this time? (JuleStern)


My parcel-boats have been giving me some time. Time and time again he tries to land with me. And as so often, I tell him today that I have a boyfriend and he does not get a chance to land with me. But suddenly he holds something in his hand, to which I simply can not say 'no'. Since I'm just out of the shower, it's easy for me to quickly expose myself to him. Of course, I'll get right on his thick part. Jump to me immediately. He certainly knew he could convince me today. But among us: somehow it was cool with him. I ride him through the whole apartment and finally he has another gift to me ... in horny, milky liquid form, hehehe! How would you convince me to be allowed to shoot a clip like this with me?

Starring: JuleStern
Categories: Blondes, POV, Teens
Length: 8:32
Type: FLV


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