Look into my eyes! If you can do it ... (Fiona-Fuchs)


You really want to bet with me? Can you give it a try? P You think you'll be able to just look me in the eye for a day and not on the breasts. The idea came to you when I noticed that you are constantly looking into my décolleté ... Can you make it MAL, but you do it all the time ... I bet the bet, but I will not make it easy for you. So I do what I do best: loll me and make you weak. To make it even harder for you, we therefore do it in missionary position. I love it when we can look at it and I see your desire. And of course I'm glad that you have forgotten the bet again and can not avert my gaze from my breasts hehe. I would say I won!

Starring: Fiona-Fuchs
Categories: Blondes, POV, Teens
Length: 8:56
Type: FLV


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