Mrs. Fuchs visits the forester and makes the high chair wobble. (Fiona-Fuchs)

I heard that in the forest near me a new hot forest ranger holds the position. Since I'm still looking for a horny Easter present for myself, of course, comes as if called. Luckily, I run into his arms near his highchair. I just speak to him and ask if he does not even want to show me his high chair. Being indecent as I am, I do not wear underwear under my tight dress. I climb up the ladder in front of him to see what awaits him under the dress. He really is very hot and I really feel like trying to catch him up there and show him how well I can ride.

Starring: Fiona-Fuchs
Categories: Blondes, Outdoor Sex, Teens
Length: 8:50
Type: FLV


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