3 Hole Loyalty Test - He had no chance !!!! (Vika_Viktoria)


My best friend has recently had a new boyfriend and she said she does not really know if he is really loyal. I suggested that you give it a try. Since he is a plumber and he did not know me yet it was easy to lure him to my home. And I have to say the whole thing was already very important to me and so I put in a lot of convincing him to get around to us let him no chance to pass the test. Of course I filmed the whole thing with a hidden camera not that he then denies everything. But if it pleases my girlfriend who she sees how I went off when he fucked me ???????

Starring: Vika_Viktoria
Categories: Blondes, Extreme Hardcore, Squirting
Length: 7:25
Type: FLV


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