Helpless roommate used for SEX! (MaryHaze)

Oh boy, was that too mean of me? I couldn't help but to take full advantage of this situation! When I came home, I already heard the cries for help from my roommate! He got himself a fuckdate through a dating app, but when his date then tied him to the bed, she just took off with his cell phone and his money and left him behind all tied up - really crazy! But to be honest, when I saw him lying there in front of me, naked and so completely helpless, it really made me horny and I got the urge to just use him! So I took off my clothes and first sat on his face! And behold, with my wet pussy in his face, his cock became instantly hard! I then sucked him a little to make him even harder and then simply rode him to my pleasure! Finally I wanted him to shoot his cum deep into my pussy, and since he could not defend himself anyway, he did it - because I just rode him until he could not hold back anymore! Was that too extreme or would you have enjoyed that too?

Starring: MaryHaze
Categories: Bondage, Creampie, Extreme Hardcore
Length: 6:48
Type: FLV


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