From the head IN YOUR MAUL | I PISS you full of you LOSER (Lara-CumKitten)

The loser should actually help me to paint the apartment. But he just does it all wrong! He himself is too lazy to climb a ladder and when I make it to him and climb up a few steps, he goggles at me under the dress. Now it's enough for me! When he just wants to lick my pussy, I let everything run and I piss him nicely in the mouth. Oh that's really more than I thought, all his clothes are wet. What a loser. He stands there like a drowned poodle. Well he can now mop everything up and then continue painting the wall!

Starring: Lara-CumKitten
Categories: Blondes, Fetish, Golden Showers
Length: 2:20
Type: FLV


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