He sprayed while tying eggs (SinaVelvet)


The how it is when your tied, do you know that? No not yet!! Then we should meet and I will show you how it feels. There are different but if you prefer the then that's not a problem for me either. I think it will make both of us and we will enjoy the time. The in the also increased from time to time and at this meeting he was already tying and jerking off so hot that he also sprayed it. That can of course also happen, but I admit that I have already planned more with him and would have used him as a to show you more of it. I wanted to tie his with an egg ring too, but you noticed that he wasn't ready yet because his eggs contracted and so I had to do it with a suitable rope. It was impossible to miss how quickly his got hard and I also him and let him So if you are ready and would like to try it then just write me a message.

Starring: SinaVelvet
Categories: Female Domination, Fetish, Submissive
Length: 3:42
Type: FLV


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