Scandal! Nephew (19) sprayed me in the cunt !!! (KissiKissi)

My nephew was recently at a concert to me and then stayed with me. he was unexpectedly early awake, sitting in a bathrobe on the sofa and drank his coffee! When he saw me in my sexy outfit and I told him that I do not wear panties, he was immediately horny and touched my my pussy! My pussy tingled when I saw his lust and as he rubbed my wet cunt with nylon tights I just wanted his hard cock in my fuck hole! He fingered and licked me so horny that I could hardly wait! When he fucked me he was so horny that he after a short time everything on the pussy spritzte- me the little pig! I took his cum, rubbed it on my cunt and fingered myself with a mega-orgasm !!!!

Starring: KissiKissi
Categories: Blondes, High Heels, Stockings
Length: 6:19
Type: FLV


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