Hey you, oh my god, I hope so much that you like the video. I think I do not have to say to myself anymore that I was MEGAAAA NERVÖÖÖS when shooting. Is always a strange feeling when the camera so on one shows and you are all alone. The action is quite different :) I think the video is still quite good, I'm looking forward to your comment :)

This part did not look that big when you order it, if you hold it in your hand - or where else - you realize how huge it is and how far it will stretch :) I love the feeling of oil on my skin, it's just so cool to be so slick and smooth and horny :) do not know why I like that! But I like it! So I first "bathe" in oil before I dare to introduce this giant thing into me ... I would not have expected that! I was really scared when watching the video then HOW HERE I WAS WHEN I AM COMING !! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!