The learning today was really exhausting and after that I just wanted to relax and do some yoga. Suddenly I hear the living room door open behind me and one of my flatmates is standing in the doorway. I can almost feel his gaze going down my back to my short shorts. Of course it's also damn hot, so I took off my T-shirt before, now he has something to look at ... Well, I ask him first, if he does not feel like doing yoga, can be, guess me, but he answers that he's in the mood for something else and I realize how nervous I get. I know exactly what's on the other hand ... In a shared flat with two really nice guys, it was kinda clear to me that it could happen. Why not?

Today I wanted to meet after studying with my roommates in the city. One of the two unexpectedly comes home earlier in my room. I say I would like to finish learning, but he just stops in front of me and grins at me. This way he stands in the door ... On the one hand I want him to stay, but on the other hand I do not know how to react to it ... The thing about yoga was really nice and I liked it too, but the way it looks at me I can not shake off the thought that he wants more. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that ... I get pretty nervous at this sight and I'm getting pretty warm. Actually, I would really have to learn, but I can not help but slowly undress and touch him ... Then happens what I had secretly wished for a long time, but never dared me.

In the morning, I realized that I was lying on a strange sofa and somehow, nothing about me was familiar to me! However, I noticed that someone had taken me off. I lay there splinter naked and there was even extremely wet between my legs ... What happened last night ???? So I took the opportunity to ... ... Honestly, what else do you do in such a situation?!?!

Does not that look inviting how willingly my friend Lia sits here in her white bodysuit on the stairs? Here comes the first guy and pisses her full from top to bottom. Here, her white body is transparent and her breasts are cool. But I know exactly, she wants it in her mouth because she wants to swallow! She is horny on my pee. I pull up my denim skirt, spread my legs over her and she opens her mouth. I let run and piss her everything in the mouth. Does not that look awesome? It does not stop anymore, I really have to pee a lot and she enjoys it visibly. Completely drenched by the whole pee makes them greedy over my wet Pissfotze ago and licks them clean. Do you like such extreme piss-parties ...?

From the 11th to the 14th of October the erotic fair "Venus" will take place in Berlin and of course I will be there again. But I want to experience something really horny and dirty this year, so there is a user call here! What exactly is it and how you meet me there and fuck, you will learn in the clip! I'm looking forward to seeing you and hope to see you in Berlin!

That was something like a mega cumshoot I had never experienced, well in 4 weeks, so well accumulates something in a man without sex. But then I get two times as a charge off so I would not have expected ... PS: In my videos will be spoken in the future English and German so that all other European users can understand something ;-)

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