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My bladder was full again until the top, so the best opportunity to make a new Pissvideo. And the whole thing again in the middle of the road !! It was really cool and really very much PiPi ... you will like it! And I would be very happy if you comment on the video synonymous and appreciate ... so I know if I should do more, or not!

Custom Clip Request

For the script i’ve tryed to put together somethings that makes a little sense.
You start the clip on the sofa, waiting for your boy to go away.
You know that he is hiding somethings from you and you want to know what it is. You hear the sound of a closed door, that means that you can go.
You go to the desk and open some drawer. One is hard to open but you success. Once the drawer is open you look inside but somthings spry on your face.
You start to feel a little weird. It’s like that small is mesmerize you. You start to feel warm. You streep down your clothes and remains with h igh heels only. The mesmerize is working on you and you start to act a little weird. In the same time your body start to become gold, starting from the feet. You move and “dance” in sexy ways while the gold goas up to your body.
More the gold reaches the head, more your movement are slow and frozen. In the end when only your head is not gold you freeze in a final sexy pose with a big smile. After that even your head and your hair are gold and you are now a completly frozen gold statue.
The camera goes around your frozen body. The clip

It was once again a day where I thought when will I finally fucked again. I wanted to see if my outfit is sexy enough for work tomorrow. So that appeals to me again. Most colleagues go when they see me but yes only to the toilet and jerk off one. Maybe I get it with this outfit that they can not resist me. Would you want to fuck me like that? I present myself to you now. Then you can decide for yourself if you want to fuck such a cock tight secretary like me really hard. I just hope that I'm not so horny that I have to lend a hand ... - horny SB in FSH to climax - horny Pussynahaufnahmen

Here is the second part of my newest masterpiece: D, once again a bit unconventional strangers to bring in, but somehow I have to deliver my fan's something new and if my friend can never, then just like this: D. Luckily I did not really make my friend with it now, but hey, D, it was just too much fun and you just can not stop just because he's calling or how do you see that?