You love the smell and squeaking when my hunter boots rub against each other? I will drive you further into your addiction and your Hunter Boots Fetish. On your knees you will slip before me and rub your greedy tongue over the glossy rubber. High above, sublime, I sit and watch your hustle and bustle. My boots shine from your spit, and I notice that your cock is more and more against your pants. I feel mercy today and grant you to bring out your little cock. It is already many weeks ago, that you could cumshot. Trapped in a castle of hearing. Your greed is immeasurable and it does not take long before you spray your juice on my hunter. A proper load pours over my shining boots. Relief in your eyes and then the fright, as I command you to lick all your sperm also from my boots. But you do what I tell you, without any contradictions. I smile and enjoy the view.