(Attention dominant!) For you, you are nothing more than a seed production machine. I regularly milk you to harvest your ejaculate. I have so various things: seed bank, food for my slaves. Now I know that you do not deliver grade as sub grade, but this is clearly just about the quantity. It must be milked a lot and regularly, if necessary, I also have to lend a hand myself. I treat you like livestock and can make you really mess with sometimes, so you deliver. Get used to it! It will not be easier for you but in the end I ALWAYS get what I want !!!

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Kira eine wunderschöne Russin mit unglaublichen, großen Naturbrüsten.. Sie hat mir erzählt Massagen wären ihre Spezialität, deshalb hab ich sie in ihrem Studio in Budapest besucht. Ich hab mich schon soo sehr auf eine entspannende Massage gefreut, aber was sie mir nicht verraten hat, ist das sie sehr dominant ist und ihre Kunden mit Orgasmen quält. Das hat noch keine Frau mit mir gemacht!! Ich war absolut fertig mit den Nerven danach! Warst du gerne an meiner Stelle gewesen?

As my slave you obey my instructions, but it still does not get the turn to swallow your sperm. You keep telling me how much you would like to do it for me. Instead of always moaning, you'll tear yourself together and follow a new Wichsanweisung! If you do not want to swallow, you're going to inseminate your own face, slave! For punishment and practice! So you'll slowly get used to it and maybe even dare to open your mouth while your warm slipper juice squirts against you! Listen to my words and do not let me down! education