Hmm so so you are on such a strict boss as me? Yes? Did you think that well too? Because under MIR as a boss is not strolling or something! Since RIGHT is working. I'll take care of that oh yes! And the only one who plays in my company with a tail, that's ME! Oh yes, and I will be the only one who is guaranteed to have fun every working day!

Yes you jerk like this I know already! But you do not have it so easy with me! Oh no! If you want to wank with MIR, then you have to jerk off and jerk as often as I want that! Is that clear! You have no more violence over your cock! I determine. And I do not care if you're suffering or if you do not like it! YOU jerks after MY commands and so that I have fun with it!

So as YOU want to the party will be invited in my flat? Why should I invite YOU then? : D Well being, can perhaps since found a compromise: You may come true. But you will not join the party itself! I have other tasks for you provided! Well, you can guess already what? : D

So I will blow your tail? And you want to fuck me? Haha so so's nice that you want that! But I'm rather sure that we turn the tables! Finally, I also have a hot cock wants to be pampered! And if you want that your to be blown, then you also have my blow: P And who wants to fuck ME, which must be to fuck!

So so you therefore want to apply maintenance servant as my personal wellies? but Well there is a lot to you! Because I have quite a collection wellies! And they want to be pampered and cared for properly ALL! You're still interested? Well then you get today your first lesson in rubber boots care your mistress!

Ich weiß nicht, ob du es schon bemerkt hast, aber ich habe einen ziemlichen Latexfetisch. Ich liebe es geiles Latex auf meiner Haut zu spüren. Allein schon dieses Gefühl sorgt dafür, dass ich ganz nass werde. Darum habe ich mich heute auch mal wieder ganz in enges geiles Latex verpackt. Dazu geile Ballettheels. Na erregt dich dieses geile Outfit genau so sehr wie mich?

Since I have at last your dearest wish guessed right ?! Yes SO you want to serve me, strapped with a toilet seat on your face and always willing to take EVERYTHING on my divine openings is not it ?! Yes exactly DAS you wish for! And just for that you're good too! I'll mitschleifen you everywhere and use it as my toilet!