I'm on my way home from the party, there's a guy next to me stopping me, I can barely walk in my peep-toes, he does not know where he is ... so I ask him if he can take me with him - of course Of course not so easy, a small blowjob as a thank you is always in it - but that he pissed me with his bright yellow piss I did not expect! (Apparently he knows me from my movies and knows that I'm a little pig ...): D That's 1000x better than beer festival and beer!

I was shopping - with ulterior motives: In the outfit I'm a horny fuck sure! (And even in several positions, because he can not decide whether he prefers my big tits or my plump ass looks ...) I even have to cheer him to fuck me faster, because he does not strap, that I'm about to But I'm then yes there is the redeeming ass insemination for me. Men have a hard time ....

Right now, I am a bit into buying frenzy: D have found great, completely transparent rubber boots and could not help but take them with me. Of course they had to be inaugurated immediately. Should only get a nice pee filling from me but I'm in the silver plastic pants already quite wet and horny, so that the housewarming party begins with an orgasm. (I admit, my plan was to fill the boots to the top with piss - I did not succeed, but I still buy a matching pants, with which this works then)

I just DIR horny pissed on the mouth, I'll be back filled with piss! I'm personally more for a fuck, but that's only later, and only on the assumption that I swallow his piss again obediently, because I am, as he says, the best piss swallower who has ever come to him in front of the tail , Well, what do not you do everything;) PS: As fast as I swallowed the piss, she wants to get out again ... if you get thirsty again - MAO!

I did not want it otherwise ... I wanted to fuck - he did not, but when I'm sitting there wet so he can not help it and has to pull me through with his - megaharten - beatings. That's exactly what I wanted! And first I laugh too .. but his bar is so hard and stiff that I have the feeling, he pierces me completely. This is really the first time that I have to stop fucking, because the tail just too deep hammering into me purely ... But when blowing the pain is then forgotten, he may even jack up again, with "his cock, hard like a steel "and then spits his fat cum in my face.