My boss has asked me in his office ... There he sits and looks at me. I suspect evil, but it gets worse! My first film, which I shot in his office, is on his laptop ... "That's it," I think. He fires me! But what is he doing there? Is that serious? Okay, I have a chance to get out of here and I will definitely use it! I'm terribly excited, but what does it have to do!

At the moment I just wanted to leave work, my boss has been gone a long time when a man storms into the office. When I tell him that he will not get an appointment today, he is quite contrite. There comes to me an idea, of which I know exactly that she is absolutely not good, I could even be fired if someone caught me. But I'm all alone in the office, alone with this man, who looks at me questioningly. I have to jump over my shadow! Shortly I explain to him what I intend to do and after an initial puzzled look, his grin is getting wider! We go to the roof terrace, which is located at the office of my boss and he opens his pants. Wow, maybe my job is not so bad!