OMG what was that please? My new landlord is really strict about smoking. It is not allowed to smoke in my apartment. So I sat in front of the house entrance, was even a little bit full of last fuck and smoked the cigarette afterwards. When suddenly the landlord screamed behind me. He made an announcement at its finest, but I did not even think of making a tip. What happened next still leaves me speechless. He suddenly pissed me off completely. My down jacket, jeans and boots were completely pissed and I had to swallow little bastard too. Hihi but I will still smoke at the front door, it doesn't matter that he pisses me off again?

Unfortunately nice!!! I have never been to a porn cinema as a woman. Whenever I ran past it on the way to work, I felt a tingling sensation. Whether I hear loud moans from the porn boxes, whether the air smells of hot sperm when I enter the jerk room. Is the seat of my box still warm because a guy just emptied his balls? Great idea that maybe 8 men in the neighboring cabins are holding their hard cocks in their hands and that I will be fucked right next to them. I can hear when fucking, when they moan loudly when they come and maybe even spray on my cabin wall, while on the other side of the wall I drip the cunt juice with lust on the floor. Maybe they even watch my films and don't know that I blow and fuck right next to their booths. Oh it's a thrill that makes my pussy get wet. The next time you go to the porn cinema, imagine that my tight wet pussy might have been sitting exactly in your seat, because this was definitely not my last visit.

and got into the car with everyone. YOU want to see THAT, I know, my little holes on the windshield, my mouth full of sperm and all that PUBLIC in the car and outdoors in the parking lot in the industrial area. I still can't believe how sloppy I was 2 years ago? Now I have edited it for you, because I think you want to see it. I just waited for a car to come. Clear that it stopped immediately. But look at it - 100% spraying guarantee!

On the way from Dortmund towards Aschaffenburg on the A45 I have to pee badly. There were just too many coffees this morning. So stop right at the next parking lot, skirts up. Pantyhose down and go piss. Wow, a lot ... The cars and trucks drive right next to me. Would you have stopped so that I can donate my well-flushed NS? Is it a cool refreshment on a long drive or?

I got up this morning and wanted to go jogging in the forest again! There is very little going on and I only meet two people on the way to the lookout tower. Once there, I take a break to smoke one. But what do I see back there? It is a young woman who comes straight to me! When I got there, she spoke to me immediately and asked me if she could have a tipper. I give her one and we start talking. After a while I want to go home again, but she doesn't seem to like it and persuades me to stay a little longer. And already she just crouched in front of me and starts to suck my cock! Am I dreaming about this? Something like that only happens in the movie! But it feels mega good how she pampers my glans with her tongue and pushes it deep into her throat! After a short time she also wants me to fuck her, of course I don't say no to that! I've never met such a spontaneous and horny woman! Her pussy is sensationally tight and I quickly squirt what seems to please her! I really didn't expect something like this this morning!

I thought about inviting my roommate to a couple of burgers today. During lunch break we go to the fast food shop and order something. I'm playing around with me under the table when the waitress comes with the food! I thank the hand still under my skirt and we start eating. When the table in the corner is finally free, we go there and I show you my small, tight breasts in the middle of the restaurant! Did anyone watch that ?! Under the table, I finger again briefly until I go to the toilet and do it myself with a dildo! But because that wasn't enough thrill for me, I persuade my roommate to climb into the slide with me and be allowed to blow him there! It's freezing cold outside, but the blowjob is so cool that it doesn't bother! People are constantly walking among us who could see us safely at the right angle and I have to be quiet because the slide sounds so! He squirts in my mouth and I greedily swallow every drop of the warm liquid! Don't miss the video! You will love it! - Your Luna?

Our company holds an afterwork roof party every month. Today it was time again. I hate these parties, because then all my colleagues always cheat on me. This time I was lucky and a nice colleague from the accounting department joined me on the terrace, where a lot of people were already gathering. I had to go to the bathroom so badly, but that day all the toilets were always occupied. I suspected that there were other things going on in the toilet. Now I was standing next to my colleague in the middle of the terrace and really couldn't hold back. It was no longer possible. And what a relief it was when I finally let it go. It rippled quite loudly and I somehow got horny about it. The couple next to me fled outraged. But I didn't care. My colleague then kindly offered to lick me dry until the jeans were dry again. And we were lucky enough to find a free toilet. There he stuck his tongue deep into my pissed holes.

Ujjjjj, I finally dared and just let myself be filmed while peeing. Oh god, I was embarrassed, but somehow a great video came out and it was a lot of fun. It was also the first time that I did something outside ... you notice ... I'm getting braver! Have fun with my first NS clip! PS I flooded the whole staircase hihihi

I WOULD LIKE THIS AGAIN !!! I have never had SEX so spontaneous and horny !!! out of the car and in the middle of the road, directly between the mountains and on the Eisbach in the cold - it didn't bother me at all, it made me a lot hotter! Lying flat on a rock instead of in bed? what more do you want ??? PLEASE THINK YOUR STAR RATING FOR MORE GREAT VIDEOS;) KISS YOUR HANNA: *