As you may have noticed, my curiosity for the female sex has grown in recent weeks. Liah and I got to know each other thanks to MDH. From a friendship has developed more quickly and we have come closer .... without a camera. You have often asked me if I could ever introduce myself to a woman. Now I have the experience and am very happy about it. Since then we spend a lot of time together. Of course, we do not want to deprive you of what happens between us. So here (apart from our Venus strip show) our first video together. It excites me even if I only imagine Liah's tender kisses and touches! Watch as she brings me to climax

Oh my God, I can not really put my own feelings into words. Fiona Fuchs and I have already approached sexually, but until now there was never a camera with us. Since we both are active here and that was a new experience with a woman for them, we thought, we'll do it just once in front of the camera. We often spend weekends together and enjoy the time as much as possible, including a shared relaxing bath. We are so attracted to each other that we can not stay away from each other for a long time, kissing and caressing ourselves sensually until Fiona pushes her hand between my legs and brings me to climax, because she knows exactly what feels good to me. I feel so well and secure with her that I forget everything around me and just let me go. Of course we also filmed how to get Fiona to come. However, you can find this part of the video on Fiona-Fuchs' profile. I really hope you like it. Please leave your feedback and rate and comment on the video

Surely you would like me to show you that and if you asked me, what is your favorite position, what would I answer then? I just love doggy and it's so cool for me to feel a stiff cock in the position deep inside me. Watch as I get it in doggy and get a really hot and violent orgasm. What do you think when I had the first time in Doggy;)? Kiss your Bea

While I wait for my date along the way, I regret not having put on a warmer jacket. The denim jacket was a user request that I wanted to fulfill before it gets really cold. Under the jacket I have only a white top. Since I do not wear a bra, my nipples are beautiful. At last he arrives and lets the window down. I rub his nose, how cold it is to me and that he is to blame. As punishment, I want to bring him quickly to come, because I know how embarrassing it is. I do not put a lot of strain on him and show him what he has been looking forward to for so long. I'll get that charge!

Hey my dears, I thought so shortly before the weekend ...... oh come on, now or not .....! After a lot of requests and nice comments, I thought I would make you happy now. I dared to perform a sexual act for the first time in front of the camera haha .... I thought after my last video there was no increase in excitement but there I seem to be wrong! I can only say one thing, it damn HOT !!!!!! I'm really curious how you like it and I hope for a lot of feedback and support for my loved ones. I wish you a very hot Wogende. Your Saskia Kussi

Hey you, I wanted to say thank you first that you have taken me so great here and thank you for the fun on the in-game, never thought that this is all so loose, cool and cool !!! I also dare to shoot naked for the first time. In the Cam gabs that already to see, but so alone in front of the camera that's something completely different :) I really hope you like it!

I got involved in a sex date and did not know what and who is expecting me. I had put on a little extra and was all the more hopeful that it will be cool. And that was it! After being a bit nervous at first and realizing that, he just started taking off my clothes and I let it happen. I then first blown his cock properly, before he could take me from behind *. * He had lied to me! He did not use a condom, although I wanted it !!! But I could not help it and got his cock anyway ridden .... It came as it had to come, first I came and then he in me ... Now I had my first load SPERM get ... GEIL look like it out of me. I filmed it EXTRA from close for you :) Have fun watching and imitate;)