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Our WG is looking for new roommates and today I took care of the applicants. Of course, when I showed the guy all the rooms, I wanted to know if he would fit in with us. So I tested it for my abilities in my own way. He was quite shocked when I suddenly sat legs apart in front of him and showed him my pussy. But since he wanted to live here and my wet fuck hole liked him, he went with. He showed me his cock and I wanted to blow it immediately. The first impression was good, so it went on with my pussy, because you must also like the tail. Nice deep he nailed me his hard pipe and I was really cool on him. I took the hard strap again in my mouth before I sat on him and rode wildly on it. When he then durchfickte me from behind really deep, I could not help but my desire to scream out loud. If the guy now vollwichst geil my face, he must live here, I thought. And I was not disappointed. From his eggs came so much cum that it just clapped in my face. The sperm press was so blatant that he was allowed to move in the very next day.

Today I'm out with my best friend to enjoy the nice weather. We thought that we would go for a walk and walk for a while when we arrived at a forest, I asked him if he would like to explore the forest. So we went deeper into the forest and explored it for a while. After a while we were so deep in the forest that we did not even know where we were and I thought in between that I heard any noise. We were looking for a way out of the forest but after the time I was getting boring when suddenly an idea came to me!

Kira asked again and again how it would be, such a gangbang. I always said, as I always told you. Once you get fucked, so if you really want to get into the fuck tunnel, you probably want more sperm than my friends and I can give you. That made her very greedy. First she has spoiled us beautifully with her mouth and then fucked like doggy. At the same time has blown two cocks. That made me very horny. I have to cum pretty uncontrolled in her hand. She then licked it pretty greedy. Whoa! I get a stiff cock while writing! My friends have injected one after another in their mouth. What can I say. She swallowed everything. How long could you have endured the blowjob and fucking?

My parents are visiting friends and they brought their son. He is a bit older than me, but we know each other well and he is always very nice. I do not want to ask him right away if he would help me with the shooting, that's **** of embarrassing for me, but I can try to let him on it's own. Everyone is sitting in the living room talking, the perfect opportunity! I wave him over and show him the camera. Somewhat surprised, he holds it in his hand and looks at me questioningly. I quickly explain that it belongs to my best friend and I borrowed it for a very important project where he would have to help me. Nice as he is, he says to me directly and I explain to him that I go to my room now and prepare everything and he should then just come to the same. So far so good, my heart beats incredibly fast and I'm so excited! What if he says "no" ?? !! Too late, the door opens and he comes in ...

Do you know what is today for a day? No? Well today is the day when I take off my clothes for the first time in front of a camera and have SEX! Can you imagine how excited I am? For a long time I did not really dare, but today comes a good friend and helps me overcome my fear, I have inaugurated him in everything, because I already thought that he can certainly help me. While I'm preparing everything, I'm a bit queasy, but I've been feverishly looking forward to it for so long and I'm so happy, it can finally start! So down with the clothes and what can I say that it is so great I would not have expected in my first sex in front of the camera. I hope you like it, kisses