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I'm so excited, my best friend from the past is in town for a few days. We want to go to the Christmas market together. Luckily it's not too far into the city, hihii ... I also know a great shortcut. Now I'm just waiting for it to ring and it's at the door. Even before I can say something, it rings already at the door. I jump down the stairs and halfway I fall into his arms ... oopsi, that was not planned. He takes it with humor that we are half a story down on the floor. Back on its feet, it goes directly towards the city. But instead of walking down the main street, we take the faster route through the park. Because I know because a great shortcut behind the wall along ... I hope only the way is not overgrown, hihii. But when we crossed the wall and found ourselves between branches and branches, he just could not keep his hands off me. Until we suddenly had to stop unexpectedly ...

Let me be your new table decoration! Sina alone at home! As you know, I like to shoot when my roommates are not there. Since I recently ordered sextoys for the first time in my life, of course I have to try them all out. I think I found my new favorite. Goes really blatant from the part. So much so that my eyes turn away during orgasm. Oh man. I still can not believe how everything has developed here! I discover completely new sides in me!

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I thought I'll just let me know the offer from them. I should surprise the men who were there for business because that was part of the good service. Of course I liked that, I could already imagine what's going on;) And it was very cool there in my lingerie to walk on and then have a little fun;) This was not just service for the man hihi;) Or would you have sent me away? ;)

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