For me it can sometimes be harder and not just gentle, careful and romantic. That's nothing new for you! :-P I love the hard and spontaneous sex! Why? Because I'm absolutely excited about it and it makes me crazy when my pants are pulled down, he tackles my butt and puts his cock in me. He's in control all the time and I can just enjoy. I'm going crazy when I see how his excitement then unloads in a creampie. I really needed that again!

In keeping with the Christmas season, I've thought of something very special. I did not just want to surprise you, but to amaze you, hihii. All morning, I'm running nervously through my apartment ... what should I wear? The sweet red lingerie or rather the sexy black outfit with the new suspenders from my advent calendar. Oh I'm so excited ... I think I'll take that black, hihii. But first I jump under the hot shower. Christmas music in the background and fittingly I practice my hip swing ... today nothing should go wrong! Dried and moved ... looked at in front of the mirror, it looks quite good, hihii. I'm just throwing the bathrobe over it quickly and then it's already ringing at my door. I can not wait, open the door for you and without saying anything I lead you into the living room ... are you ready for the surprise?

So it will be time for the next one and this time it was Marco who dared to go on a little adventure with me. And as you can see in the video, we both enjoyed it a lot !! And if you want to make such a video with me then just contact me and we will discuss everything. A couple of information about such a meeting can be found in my blog ???? PS: In my videos will be spoken in the future English and German so that all other European users can understand something ;-)

In this video I have to rumkriegen YOU, hihi :) The idea came to me in the shower and I think it's totally exciting! You are with me, stroking me and examining my body. I have my new outfit (lingerie) on what I got from a user for Christmas. You do not even know it from my video and are totally surprised and I'll get you around! I'll take the helm and later you'll get it really hard for me * - * Later in the video, you'll do something with me that has never been done by a guy in my life. Oh that was blatant, gladly again :) I do not want to reveal too much :) Look at the video and tell me if you liked it

I am so excited, today I have my first dance lesson and that also without accompaniment. Oh god, what will I get for a dance partner? I'm on my way, but I stop at the door. I'm so nervous and trembling that I can barely reach the door handle. It is totally crowded, even in the locker rooms are felt 100 people. Oh, I put on my red dress, with the high black shoes and then I enter the parquet and see him ... the dance coach. Hihii, he looks so good. Fortunately, today everyone has a partner and I "have to" dance with the coach, hihii ... His hands reach around my waist and the music goes on. We fly over the package and I feel the electricity in the air. But as in flight, the hour passes. Before I turn into the locker room, the coach comes up to me and asks me if he can drive me home? I'm totally red, giggle and shy, hihii. Now I'm sitting here, in his car, and then we turn into my street. Oh God I'm excited ...

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