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Hello, my name is Sandra, 23 years old. I have registered here again to have some fun :) Who does not like that :) Yes, what should I write? I love dancing and flirting, I enjoy spending time with my friends and I love to enjoy good weather outside. I hope you like my first little video ... What can I do better? I'm grateful for any help :)

I'm still excited because I've never made such an introductory video. So you can watch me here at my premiere. I hope you like how I did it. If I seem a bit shy, I hope that it does not bother you too much. But I think, together we'll manage it, or what do you mean? I also try to hop live in front of my webcam and show you live. I would be very happy, if you would come to visit me. Maybe YOU can just take my shyness from me. See you soon and I'm looking forward to it. Your Mia