When the postman brought a package for me, I did not know what was inside. But when I opened it, I saw that it was a very nice ;-) user gift. Now I had to find a good place to use it. Already when thinking came over me a very hot feeling and the excitement was not less, not even when I knew where I wanted to try it out. Now all I need is a man to make it hot. Well, I have to cook again anyway, with my neighbor, and so I could combine two things with each other ... On the day he should come, I was very nervous, because I would like it too and well, yes My gift should break down and say what I want without having to tell it. Well, if I did it, you can see here. Would you have known immediately what I wanted? And would you have taken the dessert right away?

... I did not know exactly if that would be my thing. But I just dare: D And fands megageil :) So that I really liked it now. I think it's totally blatant, how young I still look, even though I'm not that much older today :) Krass is also that I left quite well! I think! I hope you like this little flashback - and the close-up of my little teen-pussy :) Have fun!

Today I expected a lot, but not with it! Today I once again let my parents look at me, - chat a bit and so, you know that. Anyway, on the way home, I wanted to quickly pass the packing station, when I just talked to a guy from the car parked there on the street. What came then, I could hardly believe ...... He has really recognized me! He knew exactly who I am and knew all my films! We had even chatted before. Man, what my heart was beating, you can probably imagine - so surprised and nervous I was. What I liked so much .. was that he has probably looked at me how cold I am and so he asked me if I do not want to get into the warm car, - he would drive me. Yes, and so we came into the conversation and I had no choice but to ask him if he would like to come up with when we arrived at my place ... Well and what happened then. Look yourself. Kussi your Lina

Oh dear ... now I am really standing in the dorm in our dorm and waiting for my fellow student to come by, as arranged. Oh God I'm so shaking ... what have I done! I should never have sent this message ... I'm so nervous! I was just a bit bored in our study group. I just wanted to learn some fun and distraction from the whole. But then somehow it came over me, hihii ... I really wrote him that we want to meet in a few minutes, here in the closet, to have a little more fun. And he also promised directly! I'm so scared, what if someone caught us ... My whole body is under power, I'm so horny and that stimulus ... I do not know what to do. But then I hear quite loud and clear as his steps approach ... I open the door now ...