Had problems with my wells the water was not running properly there. Have then let a craftsman come to take care of it. Anyway, he was finished and said to me I should go to the end of the hose and see if there the water arrives. When he then turned on the water, the nozzle has flown off the hose and I was then wet splashed by the water, so that you could look through my shirt and could see the hard nipples. Then I went into the house to change my things, he came then behind and looks at me undress and then says very brazen to me he could not go out now because he has a hard cock. I was quite baff but turned it on to do it with a stranger craftsman was already cool and as a single one has not so often sex and got me on him.

Have found a lake of really beautiful blue water, only there is no getting everything in private hands, damn. Am then just sneaked onto a property where no one has been. I was just swimming and because I want to get rid of my bikini stripes I did not wear a top. When I came out of the water and wanted to sunbathe again stood there once with the owner, then I just very boldly gone past him and have again laid on my blanket, there, of course, completely naked his embarrassment, I felt immediately. Then I made an allusion for a little fun on what he then got involved. Sure he will let me swim there more often now :)

I was before the holidays for parents' evening, because I learned from the class teacher that my son is not taught because of a grade, I was really shocked. So I asked the teacher among us if we could find a way and make him an offer. The class teacher always tried to flirt with me, which I did not escape. And then I made him an offer, which he can redeem with me after my vacation. So the holidays were over and it was not long before the class teacher stood with me at the door. After a short conversation, it was already to the things and the teacher has fucked my tight pussy and sprayed me his load of cum. rrr

At that time I had a lamp installed on my terrace, which I wanted to have dismantled and laid the cables. Could easily remember the electrician and let him come when my husband was away. After I then explained to him what he should do I have hints that we the fucking of that time. When he then blown his cock hard, I show him that I had no panties under it from the beginning, and he can fuck me now with his cock deep and his sperm injected nicely into my pussy.

I play poker with my husband more often and this time my husband came up with the idea that the winner can choose who he can have some fun with.
Had not thought that our friends there with. It was also really cheeky that just my husband came up with the idea. Anyway, the game had won one of our friends and chose me.
I have an appointment with the winner. Now it was time and he has already waited in the living room. Then I went to him and let me fuck my pussy pretty tight. And since his cock was also bigger than my husband's, I felt every thrust deep and enjoyed it.
Hope my husband has regretted it :)

was just out in the garden and have done a little sports, as my neighbor comes over and wanted to borrow something, he said he should get it out. Then he stopped briefly and said he could help me with sports, sure he has seen my nipple already. Well and I was not averse. After I had given my okay, his pants were down very quickly and it was also worth it, his sperm has landed deep in my pussy. rrrr

My niece have me visiting with her new boyfriend, she has not long time. Anyway, they had stayed with me and I sat like almost every morning in the livecam. With once the door opens and the friend of my niece comes in. I just thought he should go out because I'm in the livecam right now. He totally brazen stands there naked and said to me that he knows that I stand on such young lads and he could still join, where the others are still sleeping. Yes, he is right and as he stood there with his stiff cock has my pussy already wet. Could not resist him then and let me fuck him until his sperm filled my pussy. hot !!

I had a meeting from the company where I should accompany my boss. Anyway, he picked me up at home. He told me if we can go now, say yes and drank another sip of coffee and messed up, damn it. I then bind to the guest WC and tried to wipe away the stain, it worked but the clothes were wet. Since I asked my boss above he can open my zipper back times because I have to change again. He did it and said only we can give us some more time to have fun, he would then call there that we come later. I have not let me say that twice and a fuck with the boss, as can certainly get benefits in the company. Who knows if that was not an intention with the coffee :)

I was just at home cleaning something up as it rings. My new neighbor is ringing and he wanted to introduce himself. That meets well, the neighbor who lived in there before came from time to time to fuck to me and since he is no longer there I am fucked too little. Asked him if he is single, he meant no, but I do not really care. And asked him if he does not want to get fucked every now and then. And since I'm so curious and fucked too little I'll let it arrive just once and times looked what he has in his pants :).