The total fuck loss of control! 2x mega squirt, I make everything wet! (Jenny_Stella)

I actually wanted to enjoy my beautiful new red outfit and be a bit satisfied with it. I love to jerk it off in a nice outfit. But then when such a hot cock came, I could of course not help but to blow nice. Then I just surrendered and since Sofie Steinfeld had brought me to Squirt live on Venus so hot, I find it increasingly hot and I couldn't hold back. The blatant fat cock took me so hard and always in the small holes. Since it splashed on my pussy for the first time and then he injected me into my little soaking wet cunt and again you have to cum. Wow, it was just awesome. What a total fuck loss of control. **** Thanks for your votes, you are so nice and sweet to me! ****

Starring: Jenny_Stella
Categories: Anal, Squirting, Teens
Length: 9:05
Type: FLV


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