Recently, I bought a buttplug in the store and hid it right in the ass. ^^
I thought it was a great idea ... until the clerk contacted me and took me with him.
He pushed me into the room and groped me. When he had reached the bottom of his legs,
I thought I'd get away again.
He looked under the skirt and spotted him. My story, I would have taken him from home, he did not believe ...

Arthur, his squire and I were at the beach. We were waiting for a merchant ship until something caught our eye.
A sword that stuck in a stone. We heard of it in the village and that nobody had yet managed.
The legend says:
"Whoever takes the sword from the stones,
May reign in the future.
Arthur wanted to specify pulling on the sword and quite unexpectedly he got it pulled out.
He became king. Of course the king is honored and kneels before him.
King Arthur used his new-found power and got his first submissive wet pussy.

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Kinkycathligt a little in suspenders and stretch the buttocks nicely upward.
The guy is horny and fucks her emotionally in doggy, then still missionary. Alice surrounds the lover with the legs and before the guy comes, he pulls him out and squirts everything on her sweet pussy. Then she gets up and looks at her as her legs run down and she slowly disappears in the bathroom.

I came to the room where my colleague slept
Suddenly heard strange noises.
I burst in and saw him lying on my bed, watching my videos and
His cock jerked! Oh, how awful is he !? Is already quite bold!
And it was not even embarrassing or unpleasant to him! ... I missed at first
The words, but his cock made me somehow horny. ^^
What happened then, one should not actually tell! XD
Just as we were done, my friend called out of the bathroom, I ran
Quickly and had not even noticed that the cum from my ass
Dripped and my friend fell on it! Luckily, my distress came as from the
Gun shot, so it did not notice xD Puh! Lucky

It was late in the afternoon. After a successful robbery, I lay with my booty on the beach - a jam-filled treasure chest and a really beautiful pearls, I was of course immediately tried.
Somehow these robberies have to themselves, because they always make me horny. So I began to stroke myself slowly, when suddenly this cheeky, good-looking pirate appeared! He was keen on my prey! So easy I do but not them! D


Hm that was cool. My Lord and I had a great season. He had secured me the chain, which is attached to the ceiling and connected to my eyes .., suddenly his phone rang and he had "only just" gone ... It was agonizing 2 hours that I could not see and did not know when he will be back and would set me free at last. I lost my sense of time. When I heard the key in the front door, I was relieved ... he returned, and as a small compensation I got a hot ass fuck: D

Since my girlfriend MaryCherie finally had the courage to go together with me in front of the cam and what wasn´t there!? The web connection! Incomprehensible ! I had to think of something, at least not for nothing here came to me .... We could instead turn videos, I suggested. She seemed to me even more nervous ... until she confessed shortly before that it was not only the first time before the Cam, but also the first time with a woman! Hihi .. so actually a double deflowering. XD

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"You're normally dressed, including shoes and the worn socks, except the socks
You pull out completely and spoil yourself. Lying on your back, your legs are beautiful
Splayed, so you have a good view of pussy / buttocks and soles.
Next to you lies the whole time another worn pair of socks, which you change in the
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To the end you pull out this pair of socks and offer me yours
Naked feet as an alternative to cum on it. "
What alternative would you have taken? ;)