One morning I opened the mailbox and got a huge shock.
A 3-digit penalty fee for fast driving, already tomorrow! Desperately, I scratched the last bit of money I could find in the apartment.
But it was not enough ..., I thought of the offer from the neighbor ...
He said at the time that if I ever had money problems, I could clean his apartment for money.
I looked briefly at the parking lot and realized that he was still home .. so I went quickly to him.
He patiently listened to my problem and gave me the solution. :)
I was somewhat puzzled that he paid me so much money for cleaning, but did not question it any further.
Then he pressed a cardboard into my hand, which was actually a house maid's uniform! How crass! ^^
Well I pulled around and he drove off to work ... at least I thought that. ^ ^

What a strange experience ... for him.
He went through the mirror and found himself in a very different place

in front. There sat a sweet cat, without shell, which only grinned. ;)
She said she was a Grinsekatze. Already excited, he gave her his

Tail to play ... An ultimate experience .. Because of the

Hatter also came. :)
Two tails for a Grinsekatze ..; D

In Berlin, my girlfriend and I shared a hotel room.
At the show we met someone from our hotel
He even told us which room he had, but in this huge tangle and loud background noise, it seemed to have gone down. Only when we were back in our room did we remember .. Since we somehow could not sleep, we wanted to see if he is perhaps still awake. ;)
... naja .. Spoileralarm !? He could not sleep yet! ;)

Actually, we wanted to go to a Halloween party. If you get at least make-up, you only have to pay half the entrance price! ... But we were really late
Off for the party. Quickly, under time pressure, we had applied our faces.
I, as Sally, from Nightmare before Christmas and he, as Mr Oogie Boogie. ^^
The others were not ready and busy in the living room. I thought I could sweeten the wait and crept secretly into the cam room ...
Apparently not only did I have this thought ... xD
After the brief shock that someone entered,
I saw that he had already taken his cock out.
"Mega geil, a quikie before the party!": D

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Ich war nach längerer Zeit mal wieder zu Besuch bei der süßen KerryAshey. :) Da wir beide gerne mal Konsole spielen, haben wir uns gedacht, wir machen es ein bisschen interessanter. Unsere erste Idee: wer verliert muss das Höschen ausziehen.
... Oder, wie wäre es mit einem höheren Einsatz!?
Wer verliert, muss sich von der Fickmaschine ficken lassen. ^^