We arrived at his house clean, a bit worn out from the day and peppered our bags and clothes in the corner. He jumped right into the shower ... and I could use the time ...;) I quickly pulled the horny wetlook skirt and cuffs in to surprise him. I imagined before, as he comes back from the shower and sees me then lie in these clothes on his bed, no panties and myself Take pleasure a bit. ;) I had hoped to make him so sharp, because I wanted again a hot cock clean, the anal me wild, takes in doggy style and then just sprayed in the face. : 3 My plan worked. : D hehe ..; P

Ein paar Freunde von mir fahren seit einigen Monaten zum Paintball.
An diesem Tag hatte ich glücklicherweise mal ein bisschen Zeit und konnte
mitfahren. :D Das war echt toll !
Mittendrin, als ich wieder meine Deckung ändern wollte, eckte ich ausversehen mit diesen Typen an... zum Glück war er nicht aus dem feindlichen Lager. ^^
Nachdem ich mich entschuldigt hatte, fiel mir auf, dass er eigentlich ganz süß war... Er machte mich darauf aufmerksam, dass ich wohl irgendwo im Wald meinen Hopper verloren hatte.
Für ein paar Sekunden war ich in Panik, aber dann kam mir die Idee eines
Tauschgeschäftes. ^^ Hopper gegen Blowjob. ^^
Er willigte ein und gab mir seinen Hopper. Natürlich bekam er dann auch den Blowjob. Mir kam der Gedanke, dass ich ihn eigentlich gerne mit nach Hause nehmen würde.... einfach mal lieb fragen, kann ja nicht schaden ^^
Und tatsächlich konnte ich beim Paintball einen abschleppen ! :D Haha !
Zu Hause angekommen zerrte ich ihn sofort mit in mein Camzimmer... ;)

Oh, I was once again a very naughty kitten. I had an appointment with my Dom, but I had overslept and came too late however. Despite the apology attempts he was determined to punish me for it ... At the beginning, had to suffer greatly my ass, well deserved, after all, I'm late for the meeting appeared. Since there's "carrot and stick" and I had endured so well, I got then my carrot. ;) A few pats the kitten and it could go further. ^^ My Lord has used me as he liked it ... and I loved it until THE happened next ... Incredibly! ... But it looks at yourself. ;)

As it was already a little later and I saw no children in the playground more, I thought, that would be to smoke before I go home a good place to think and a last cigarette. Well ... children were there no more ... but something was komsich ... as if someone is watching .. I think nothing of it and light the fag when I heard any noise ... I turned myself order and there was actually someone in the little house, watching me xD How amazing is that? ^^ Hm, but looked even from very horny and he had the tail already there - Perfect! -: D again soon ne horny point in the playground before I have to go home! : D