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The second World Cup match of the Germans is on Saturday against Sweden. For this occasion I made myself smart and tested the preferences of the Swedes in this video. It was very intense, moist and delicious! Lass´ Surprise you );
Two weeks ago I opened my hot series for the 2018 World Cup with Germany. In this row I take a close look at all World Cup opponents from Germany and try out what they do in bed. I want to know how the world fucks! —-
Have fun with the video and of course I am very happy about your rating!
Kiss, Sarah :*

Round 2 - Germany vs Sweden! We can not call it an XX oracle any more, so now it's Game Oracle! I voted for Germany this time - Charly is for the Swedes. The task is very simple: who gets the bigger vegetables, wins the oracle! ... and I did a great job for Germany - or put the stuff in me. ;) If this video goes online, the voting starts at the same time for the last group match against South Korea. Look at Insta in the stories of us (@tachycardiaofficial and @sweetlunaoriginal) - voting is open 24 hours. Have fun and think please a rating! Let's see if we are right this time ...

At the last barbecue party a dude drunk me one of his biggest fantasies of sex told ... As a passionate footballer, he wanted to have sex on a football field, probably not only his man's dream ... Since I love public or outdoor sex, I have this Desire fulfilled of course. For me it was one of the hottest sex experiences !!! Do you have the same imagination?!? Your rating for more public videos :)