It was a crazy night, but it got even crazier when I opened my eyes ... I wasn't in my own bed as expected! Where was I? And above all, how did I get here? I know that I was out with my girls yesterday, we all wanted to celebrate the new year together again and decided to go dancing in the city. It was actually as always, first getting warm with a cocktail and then off to the dance floor, hihii. But I just don't know any more ... ouhje, what happened? are my girls doing well And where am I actually here? I am still totally through the wind, I hardly see anything and when I also feel someone else next to me, I feel completely different. A little worried and cautious I feel my body, a man ... but who? And why do I suddenly feel like dealing with him after all this? Oh god, what's wrong with me? I don't even care who he is and how we got here, I'm totally hot and just want to do it with him ... and after that we can sort everything out ...

Fresh out of the shower and with a towel around, I look around the door crack as my roommate is secretly watching me ... hihii, somehow it turned me on when someone was watching me! I continue to pretend I haven't seen him and start, slowly and with pleasure, slowly rubbing my body dry from top to bottom. Don't forget between your legs ... oh yes, you like that! How I also rotate my hips and dance in front of me. Now I put everything on one card, I bend down very slowly, really nice deep ... while I slowly put on my super tight and totally horny thong. I turn around and the longer the game goes the hotter I get. Now that I see that his fingers have hands in his pants, I play with my sweet tight teen breasts and then put my shirt on. Then it makes whums and my roommate falls on me through the door, the moment I wanted to put my thing on ... I laugh briefly and pull him into the bedroom! And what happened then, even I lack the words. It all came so quickly and above all so quickly ...

She likes the typical rocker, fast engines and robust men but she likes XXL-TAILS even more. In her member leather jacket she kneels on the bed and sucks the GIANT TAIL with relish. The sweet brat is fucked hard on the bed, first missionary and then in violent doggy style, her ass claps again and again. At some point it is too much for every man and he injects everything into it. What a sight when the SPERMALADUNG runs out of it!

Now I have done it and there is no going back :) After the introductory video that was well received I had fulfilled your wish in the second video and I showed my breasts. Now I have completely blanked out for you and thus the performance is probably complete and from now on we will see where the journey goes :) I have received many suggestions from you and I am still ready to accept all wishes and then I will be like wild pictures and make videos :) Big thanks again for everything, you make it easier for me than I thought and therefore it's twice as great :)

I was just taking a picture with my cameraman and the good one is already poor when he has to look at me naked all the time :) I noticed that he already had a lot of drops of pleasure on his pants, so I went there, pulled his pants down and have spoiled him properly. First I played on his sack with my lips and tongue until I put it nicely in my mouth. I always spoiled him with my tongue. The tail was getting plumper and it was a pleasure to spoil him with his mouth. In the end I had to lie on my back and he sprayed his hot cream on my face and partly in my mouth :) I would be happy about a comment and a rating if you liked it! Would you like that I spoil you too? Kiss, Kimberly

I'm in the car and really need to pee! The car is a bit away from a parking lot where I see the first people when I get out. I go behind the car next to mine, whose owner just got out with the dog. Now I pull my tights down, crouch down and let a small jet of sparkling wine spurt out of my tight vagina by spreading my labia with my hand! A few minutes later I have to go again and bravely go behind the other car. Hopefully the owners won't come back right now! This time I'm crouching the other way around, so you can see my round ass and my column well while I pee! After I was shopping I have to go again and do not want to wait until home. So I go across the parking lot behind the building and when I let my champagne run this time, a lot comes out! You can also follow everything in close-up and see how I wipe myself afterwards! I hope you enjoy my video! I am sure you will love it! - Your Luna

For a few weeks now I've been writing with a man about a dating app and our hot chats already gave me one or two orgasms. And now we just couldn't help it anymore, we finally had to meet! It doesn't work for him because he has a girlfriend at home and my roommate still lives with me. So a solution has to be found quickly and we just meet outside on a street with little traffic. I realize I'm going to have my very first outdoor experience. I'm totally nervous, what if someone catches us? This thrill is incredible and I'm getting awesome like never before! My tension drops a little and I start to spoil him slowly .. Where do you want to spray? Would you have made an appointment with me too? Kisses, Maja: *

Today I got a great desire to do it myself, but this time, despite the winter temperatures, the sun was shining so beautiful that I wanted to go out and get it in public with my new toy. I didn't expect it to be so public after all! First a few lanes pass me and then countless cars ... but when these 2 guys just stop and watch me do it, it was kind of embarrassing and cool at the same time! But it's best to take a look for yourself!