My 3rd ANALSEX in life. Now I am addicted! (MellyBunnyLuder)

Honestly? Anal was completely new territory for me. When I was 22 years old, my friend fucked me without asking in the ass. At that time I thought: "Such a sow" Maybe that's why I'm so sexier today as I am today. Wow, that was a totally new feeling! After that, I had many acquaintances who did not want to practice anal. Unfortunately, I had to learn that only a few men were ready to fuck my ass. I was still sad and curious. My second anal sex I had through my date here at MDH (Hotel Meeting 2). Yes, honestly, it was again unfamiliar, but totally awesome! Why do not you men like that? I love it, look for yourself! Report to you if you want to fuck me anal, because apparently these are the fewest men. I enjoy it!

Starring: MellyBunnyLuder
Categories: Anal, Close Ups, Dirty-Talk
Length: 8:45
Type: FLV


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