Immoral! Condom zerfickt and pregnant? (Daynia)

I'm maid of honor my best friend and she was traveling on business, I should help her future husband at the checklist. When we got on the topic of bachelor, he asked if I could make myself available to pamper the boys. I offered him to try me once and actually thought he refuses. But he immediately jumped on it! I little bitch blew his hard cock with Deep Throat until my spittle dripping from my mouth. Then he wanted to fuck, but I insisted on a condom. He rolled the rubber over it and came from behind in my pussy a. With my anal plug in the ass the Geficke was equal to even hotter and I enjoyed the hard bumps. Then he fucked me from the front, which was a real Maschinenfick! He rammed me until it stops, but his balls were bulging, he just had to hose. But then the surprise! I realized that I ran the cum out of pussy and took him to task. The condom was torn and he sprayed my pussy full. The creampie ran out of my fuck hole and I nibbled on sperm. Hopefully I'm not pregnant! This must never find out my friend right?

Starring: Daynia
Categories: Big Dick, Creampie, High Heels
Length: 6:26
Type: FLV


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