Krass: injected with high pressure in the face !!!!! (KissiKissi)

Krasser can not do it anymore! My miserable loser cuckold has to work for 4 weeks! wear a penis cage! He could not fuck a woman and was not able to jerk his cock! Today was the day! I ordered him to me and took the cage from him! His cock was immediately hard and the pure lust spoke from his eyes, but he was not allowed to touch me! I only allowed him to jerk off his cock and fired him while injecting me his cum in the face! It was not long before and out of his tube injected an incredible amount of sperm! He had so much pressure on the eggs, it was just incredible how he completely pieced my face !!!

Starring: KissiKissi
Categories: Blondes, Close Ups, Facials
Length: 1:19
Type: FLV


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