MEGA Loyalty Test FAIL! That should not have happened... (JuliettaSanchez)

My girlfriend told me that she thinks her new boyfriend would cheat on her and asked if I could test it. We then hid the camera before going to the bathroom. I donned extra hot lingerie and seduced him. I just said his girlfriend went shopping and it would be our secret. As already thought he could not resist me and was not faithful! But what happened then should not have happened !!! I was so horny and just wanted to feel his sperm in my pussy and he has actually sprayed his full load into me: -O She did not think it was funny :( But it was her idea and she knew that I was a sperm horny bitch bin .. would you have sprayed in immediately?

Starring: JuliettaSanchez
Categories: Creampie, Extreme Hardcore, High Heels
Length: 6:40
Type: FLV


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