My first sex in front of the camera (Anna-Mai)

It's late afternoon, I'm lying on my bed and writing with my best friend that he's back! I'm just wondering if I should go upstairs when there's a knock on my door! At first I think that someone wants to bring me to dinner, but they usually only call ... hesitantly I say "yes" and the door opens ... There it stands and he has a camera with me !! Phew, so I'm feeling a bit fast now, but at the same time I notice a slight tingling sensation. I try not to let him know that I'm not really the most experienced guys and put on as hot a smile as possible. He lets me talk and take off my clothes, just stands there watching me with the camera in my hand. Sitting on the bed, I look up to him and slowly stripe down his pants ...

Starring: Anna-Mai
Categories: Big Tits, Blondes, Teens
Length: 14:02
Type: FLV


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