Leather latex FREMDGEH bitch / He just could not resist me (MysexyMel)


Imagine, I'm walking in front of you, this latex ass in front of you, this leathery smell in your nose. The combination of seeing me makes you crazy. You do not care now, even though your girlfriend could stand in front of the door every moment. Alone this awesome feeling on my skin and this smell of my leather jacket and leather boots makes me so horny and wet that I want to feel something horny hard in my fuck hole. You grab me by my latex ass and see how my pussy is between my legs, I turn around, show it to you, show you my latex cunt. Then I kneel to you, open your pants and suck you greedy and spoiled your hard big cock. Do you want to fuck me now? Do you want to take your little nasty leather latex bitch really hard and distribute your sperm on her latex ass? Fuck your girlfriend !! I can only say it was so awesome, I never had! Latexfetish fetish ass

Starring: MysexyMel
Categories: Booty, Extreme Hardcore, Latex/Leather
Length: 7:14
Type: FLV


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