LOYALTY TEST? I could not resist! (sexyRia)


This time I was tested. I had my best friend told you that I would be in a relationship, just so he can stay away from me, but that had not stopped him. Uppity he lay just almost completely naked in my bed and made me totally hot for him. Actually, I could have resisted him loose but when he unpacked his cock ..... WOW !!! What a MONSTER COCK! And I could not resist after all. OMG ... I had already longer no vaginal sex more, and as I was then ride off him traveled his fat part my pussy to so extreme that I could move to the beginning very slowly. :-D Madness .... so tight it was with me never! When my pussy was a little dilated, he hammered his cock deep into me and missed me then a mega cum load right into my mouth. '' Loyalty test '' did not pass! :-)

Starring: sexyRia
Categories: Blowjobs, Extreme Hardcore, Pussy
Length: 9:03
Type: FLV


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