A very special gift! (Anne-Eden)


Hohoho today is Christmas! And I have a very special treat for you ... I'm so excited, I can not wait to finally use this new little sucking sex toy. All my girls have been raving about it for months and I never could try it. To this day ... Hihii. Because it is finally time, it is Christmas and the 24th door may be opened. I stretch out in front of my decorated tree on the soft fur and hold the small box in my hand. I open it and the first thing that buzzes through my head, "why is it so small?" Hihii. But I do not underestimate him there ... crass! That it is so much and so extreme, I really never expected! Just the madness ... have fun and happy Christmas! : *

Starring: Anne-Eden
Categories: Sex Toys, Squirting, Teens
Length: 6:48
Type: FLV


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