My indecent video for the decent documentary (Fiona-Fuchs)

It was SOOOOOO exciting! My first professional shoot for a TV format! There are so many people in my apartment, I'm not used to that! Usually I'm alone with my filming partner, but this time a bunch of people are in attendance! My agency and then also the television team. Phew, I do not know if I can do that ... I make it clear that I do not want to be filmed while shooting another camera. The team insists on being there to make the TV format more interesting. Well, you probably have never seen anything like it and you really want to be part of a shoot. Is viewed from the outside, yes, certainly exciting. All right then. We set up the set, all eyes + camera are pointed at me and my roommate starts the camera while I kneel on the ground and get ready .....

Starring: Fiona-Fuchs
Categories: Blondes, POV, Teens
Length: 9:27
Type: FLV


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