Help to Fremdsex exploited! Just a fool !!!! (sandy226)

That's how it is sometimes, because I needed urgent help but the horny perverted pig has only one thing in my mind. It was early morning and I still had my kimono on, total chaos and I did not know any further and had to get someone to help me. In the beginning he was also interested but then my revealing outfit clouded his senses a bit! He stared at me between the legs as if he had never seen a hot woman (almost) naked in a kimono ;-) I also noticed that he got a big bump in his pants - so I had not thought that !! He thought he could at least help me with my problem, but when he realized that except me, no one is in the house, he also started to fondle me, but that's not enough, he also wanted to fuck! Just a fool or who would have done the same with me ?? *G

Starring: sandy226
Categories: Close Ups, MILF/Mature, Stockings
Length: 9:59
Type: FLV


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