User fucks me Anal - his Woman does not like it! (KacyKisha)

What do men do when they do not get to work with their olds the way they want! They then get the fun elsewhere. I think women and men are pretty much alike. This hot user is full on ass fucking, only his wife does not stop. So it was a personal desire to go to bed with him. I totally like to have the cock in my ass and let my sweet arse cunt fuck. How much he likes it I quickly realized. When his cock ANAL first stuck, he fucked me as if there was no tomorrow and rammed his cock deep in the ass. Violent full blows to the sharp facial cumshot he splashed me across my face. Have fun ... Kiss Kacy Kisha

Starring: KacyKisha
Categories: Anal, Blondes, Booty
Length: 7:16
Type: FLV


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