1st Swingerclub visit !! Fucked without rubber! (Maja-Bach)


Was that really real? I really did it! Yes you can hear a lot about swinger parties and how it works out there, but I have never really been in one myself !! What do you expect what you have to wear? Well I think I have the taste of some men and women met! I was really excited but also excited! But I was positively surprised how cool nice and the location also the hammer! Well then I have done it I've had a really hot perverted fuck and the whole beautiful blank without rubber .. I was wet and wet that was just great! Do you want to go with me and a swingers club? Then write me a comment about it? :)

Starring: Maja-Bach
Categories: Blowjobs, Extreme Hardcore, Pussy
Length: 6:27
Type: FLV


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