Hey finally it was a great WEekend again. When the boys invited me to visit them in their hotel room, I knew what the two of them were up to. The two of them hadn't counted on me, hehe! So I went into the room and the two chatted something about "celebrate, eat, go, blah-blah" Rigeros I then interrupted them and made it clear to the boys that the only thing I want to have in their mouths today is their two fat cocks and that only thing I swallow today is sperm! No sooner said than done I squat between the two fucks on my knees and blow their hot cocks .. BUT what I love most next to the fat load of cum is when two guys like me fuck and take turns to fuck me. That drives me crazy and I become a dirty bitch.

Starring: lilly-lil
Categories: Big Dick, Orgy, Threesome
Length: 8:57
Type: FLV


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