OMG! Man of my girlfriend wixxt in the bathroom !!! (KissiKissi)

If my best friend ever experiences THAT, hell is going on! She was with her husband over the weekend to visit and since I thought that both are for shopping, I ran through the apartment in lingerie, unsuspecting that he had not gone! When I came to the bathroom, I was really shocked! He sat on the bath and jerked his cock! Krass, how hard and big he was! I could not help but stick it in my mouth and blow it! My pussy was wet immediately and I just spit on his dick and rode me down violently on him! The fear that our friend could surprise us, only made us hornier! Doggy he fucked me hard and deep and then injected me his cum in the pussy! Hopefully that went well, because of sheer lust none of us had thought of a condom ....

Starring: KissiKissi
Categories: Big Tits, Blondes, High Heels
Length: 5:11
Type: FLV


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